Welcome to Hellkaat Hundie Gravel Race


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Welcome to the Hellkaat Hundie Gravel road race.

Race Overview

Welcome to the Hellkaat Hundie gravel road race. The 6th year for the Hellkaat will be May 5th, 2019.  From 5 Lakes Brewery in Dorr, Mi featuring some of West Michigan‘s beautiful and hilly country gravel roads. 

We are again offering 3 options for the event. 

* HELLKAAT HUNDIE a 100 mile timed option.

* HELLKITTEN FIDDIE a 50 mike timed option.

* ITTY BITTY KITTY a 25 mile fun ride w/o timing.

A charity race, raising money for JDRF, funding research to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Raising nearly $58,000 the Hellkaat thanks for your further support of this great cause and hopes you keep coming back for more! 

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