HellKaat Hundie

Extending an invite to the 3rd Annual HELLKAAT HUNDIE or the HELLKITTEN FIDDIE , April 30th, 2016, Michigan's 100 mile gravel road race (or 50 miles for the kitten) from 3RD COAST CYCLES, in Hudsonville, Mi (5211 Cherry ave, Suite 170, 49426)

New this year we are offering the ITTY BITTY KITTY, a 25 mile gravel road ride ( not a race!) if you wanna come and roll with the fundraiser but aren't into that whole racing thing!

This race is a fundraiser for JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the first year we raised about $2500 with 150 racers. In it's second year you all stepped up and we had over 200 racers and raised about $11,000 dollars. 

We are super excited this year to offer timing for the HELLKAAT HUNDIE and the HELLKITTEN FIDDIE!  With timing we are moving to registration on BIKEREG.com. Look for us under HELLKAAT HUNDIE.  We are charging a minimal donation and all proceeds will go to JDRF.  You too can join other racers questing for the coveted HELLKAAT UNDIES, winners in each category get a pair or if racing the HELLKITTEN you could win your kitten mittens.

There is also over all winners for men and women and a Lanterne Rouge award cause sometimes just finishing is a thing to celebrate. 

Categories ( for both races 100 & 50 )


Men's Masters 55+ ( yeah a real master, none of this 40 year old junk)


Women's Masters 55+

SS/ Fixie

Fat bike




What about the ITTY BITTY KITTY you ask?  Love raising money to kick TYPE 1 diabetes where it counts, but maybe you aren't so into this racing thing? Why not roll the ITTY BITTY KITTY (thanks JD STone for the great name!) You can either roll out with the neural start right after the Kitten racers or you can roll the 25 mile route anytime from 8:15 to 3:00.  It a great route rolling in the countryside. The route will be marked and you can get tip sheets too.  Maybe even ride while a friend races and meet up at White Flame Brewery to watch the racers roll into the finish!



head on over to BIkereg.com and get your self signed up!


more questions? email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Keep in mind that the point of this whole thing is to have fun, race (and raise some $ for JDRF) so remember to be chill, okay?


PACKET PICK UP / CHECK IN - Friday April 29 from 5:00-8:00 pm or Saturday April 30  from 5:00-7:00am at 3rd Coast Cycles. After you sign the waiver you'll get a tip sheet, a list of the rules, your number plate and maybe a few other treats.


PARKING ON SATURDAY - Use the lot in front of the shop. PLEASE RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS by leaving the spots closest to the other stores open and DO NOT USE ANY PLACES NORTH OF THE BIKE SHOP. If the main lot fills up use the lot to the east - again staying as far as possible from the entrance of the hardware store or the shops across from it. LISTEN UP PLEASE - THIS IS IMPORTANT! If need be there's also the lot at City Hall just down the road east from the shop.


BATHROOM ACCESS - The shop has 2. (Plan your coffee and bran cereal consumption accordingly). The grocery store next door has 1 - be sure to BUY SOMETHING from them if you decide to take advantage of theirs. There are facilities at all of the check points as well. 


THE START - There will be a mass rollout - we'll stage in front of the shop and rollout. The race will be NEUTRALIZED as we work our way outta town. (More details on the start and finish in your packet.

Okay - that oughta do it. You can still call the shop (616-662-1710) w/ questions or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hey - the Hellkaat wants me to thank y'all for being excited about her race! We're gonna have us a fine time and hopefully everyone will dig it. 


See you soon!